Operating a Spudbar store is what sets us apart compared to other businesses. We have simple operation, and our food is at the heart of this.  We have over 20 stores in our network and a head office team to support you with every detail. We hold operational meetings where we encourage collaboration feedback.  We provide the menu, source key ingredients and train you on how to prepare meals.


We are hands-on, we are there to help you get started. Gavin is your go-to guy for training and ongoing support. We have a two-week in-store training program. We have another week of training during your first launch week. There is also an online support portal for franchisees, managers and team members.


We have doubled our fan base in two years to over 40 thousand followers across our social media channels. Our secret society loyalty program has over 13,000 members. We have comprehensive local area marketing workshops. Our marketing support crew helps with the launch of campaigns and new food offers.

Initial Setup

We are there every step of the way. We have standardised systems and tools to get you operational fast. Our setup process is simple. And compared to other food franchise businesses more cost-effective.  Owning a SpudBar franchise starts at $270 thousand, turnkey. Our partner relationships can provide finance for up to 50% of the total setup costs.

Simon McNamara

Simon is our franchising and business growth advisor. He has been part of Spudbar for over eight years. He has been behind the success of some of Australia’s most influential brands. As CEO of Boost, Simon grew the business from 80 to 185 stores. He also co-founded Grill’d healthy burgers and is the founder of Bounce Inc.


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