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Spudbar Franchise

We started Spudbar back in 2000 to honour the potato. We wanted to pay respect to the vegetable that has changed the planet. This underrated culinary delight is incredible. It’s healthy, nutritious, great value and the perfect complement to any meal.

SpudBar - Chook

You Are What You Eat

If you want to feel good, fill up on delicious goodness. Live a harmonious life. Excellent tasting food doesn’t need to mean heaps of sugar & fat. ‘Fast good’ doesn’t have to mean ‘junk food’.

SpudBar - Tomato

We Keep It Simple

Delicious recipes are full of flavour. Fresh & raw veggies. Gluten-free & free range options when we can. We buy produce from farmers we like, and we love farmers who treat their land and animals well.

SpudBar - Box

Its ‘Slow Food’ Served Fast

Enjoy the down to earth spud. A nutrient-rich gem of natural goodness, light & fluffy on the inside with a crispy skin. One potato provides up to 50% of your daily vitamin C needs.

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